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How Often Should You Take Green Gummies?

Sep 7th 2022

How Often Should You Take Green Gummies?

How Often Should You Take Green Gummies?

Incorporating vegetables into green gummies is a truly genius idea. Not only does this change the preconceived notion about vegetables having a bitter flavor in raw form, but it also ensures that every person gets access to the recommended serving of vegetables per day no matter how packed their schedules are because of how convenient vegan gummies have become.

But taking a deeper look into this whole new thing, do gummy vitamins really work? If so, you might also ask: how often should I take green gummies?

Here, let’s clarify all these nuances all at once and see how vegan gummies may fit your lifestyle.

Aren’t Vegan Gummies Considered Candies?

Taking a closer look, it’s easy to categorize green gummies as candies. They contain loads of sugar and are abundant in calories. These gummies are also great for snacking and have become a friendlier way to introduce vegetables to young picky eaters and adults alike.

With a great number of children exhibiting behaviors associated with picky eating, creating a positive social experience during mealtimes has become a goal for most parents1. Hence, the decision to try on organic green gummies. Unfortunately, some gummies don’t live up to the promise of providing vitamins and minerals that are essential for the needs of the body. As these are packed with sugar, this makes the body work extra hard to balance itself back to its alkaline state—thereby wasting so much energy that could have been repurposed for other things.

This is why you have to be very keen on the products that you consume. If you really want to take the recommended serving of greens per day, particularly the identified superfoods that can positively affect the overall health and wellness of the body with their macronutrient, phytochemical, and biological content2, then consider pHresh greens gummies that are made from organic green superfoods.

With 10x more vegetable content than the other green gummies available on the market, pHresh greens vegan gummies are perfectly blended with 16 raw organic greens that are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. And the best part is, these vegan gummies taste absolutely delicious! It’s like you're eating a sweet, ripe watermelon on a wonderful summer day.

Green Gummies Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Of course, anything in excess is harmful. Given that almost all vegetables are high in dietary fiber, consuming too much may lead to bloating, gas, and even cramps. The same goes for green gummies. While the impacts of increasing intake remain to be established1, there is wisdom in taking things in moderation. If you are on medication, you should ask your physician about your intake.

With every serving of pHresh greens gummies, you can already take as much vitamin A as six medium passion fruits, vitamin C as half a plum, vitamin K as much as 3 cups of whole milk, iron equivalent to 5 florets of broccoli, and calcium equivalent to 1 medium apple. These organic vegan gummies contain no GMO ingredients, artificial colors, or flavorings. As a conscious brand, you can also be certain that no animals were involved in the production and development of these sweet vegan gummies. These are also low in sugar—perfect for those on keto!

Whether you want to enhance your already healthy lifestyle or you want to finally make the shift, always remember to take things slowly. Remember to always listen to your body. Stay healthy!


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