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5 Ways to Support A Healthy Body & Planet With Your Food

May 3rd 2021

5 Ways to Support A Healthy Body & Planet With Your Food

Being physically fit while keeping the Earth healthy would be such a great thing to do. There are so many ways to do this effectively. You can start it by supporting or having a substantial food system that is beneficial for you and our planet.

We have listed five adequate ways to support a healthy body and planet with the food you consume.

1. Eating Local Food

It is best to consume locally grown produce since it is much fresher than agricultural products that have been transported from miles away. Including fruits and vegetables in your daily meal plan is important for your health. A vital part of eating fruits and vegetables is ensuring they are fresh and still nutritious. One of the best methods to guarantee this is to ingest foods that are produced locally.

In addition to health benefits, eating locally is also good for your community considering that it shows your support to your local farmers. In this way, it helps to protect your local food system, environment and makes for a more regionally independent and sustainable local food system.1

It is also fabulous to add to your plate our superfoods, which are naturally produced with raw ingredients to ensure you will get all the benefits without any harmful chemicals, additives, or fillers.

2. Eating More In Season

Just like consuming local food, eating in season is a great technique to support your local food system, get more familiar with what is in season in your area, and reduce the carbon impact of your food since local farms let their fruits and vegetables grow fully without making use of chemicals or gas to speed up this process.2

Similarly to our superfood powder, pHresh greens® Raw Alkalizing Superfood is made with 16 all-natural, raw ingredients that were carefully selected for their highly alkalizing properties and with no added toxic chemical substances.

3. Promoting Organic and Regenerative Agriculture

Organic and regenerative agriculture uses farming principles designed to resemble nature. To produce healthy soils, prospering agro-ecosystems, this system embodies a broad array of approaches like agroforestry and well-managed pasture.3 Positive effects of these approaches incorporate climate change resilience, stronger farming communities, richer soil, increased biodiversity, and healthier water systems which help our planet become much healthier and give us more access to local-grown food.

4. Sharing the Importance of Sustainable Food System

Sharing is caring! It is nice to have a sustainable food system knowing that it will help you maintain a strong and well body and also keep the Earth health-giving. However, isn’t it much nicer to not only have this but also to share the importance of it? So, don’t hesitate to let people around you know how essential and valuable sustaining a food system is in your daily life.

5. Buying From Eco-friendly Brands 

In supporting a sustainable food system, brands that promote non-harmful products to our environment impart a big function. pHresh Products is one of the epitome of brands that focuses on both people and the planet’s health. pHresh Products has emphasized its vision “Maintain Health … Not Sickness” by providing all-natural products to its consumers and bringing a greater understanding to the Global community the importance of health, wellness, and balance in our daily lives.

What else?

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