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What do pH strips tell you?

May 30th 2022

What do pH strips tell you?

pH affects your body’s state of health. Your body pH level has a natural pH of 7.4 and it has to remain alkalized to retain perfect health. Everything you eat has its own pH level. So your body is constantly working to restore the balance that’s momentarily disrupted whenever you consume something that’s too acidic or alkaline.

Chronic acidity will interrupt cellular functions. When your body's pH gets out of balance, it may result in body aches and pains, excess weight, low energy, or even more major health problems due to acidity.1 Hence, the body tries to balance acidity and eliminate it, however, if you are also commonly dehydrated, the body scuffles to detox. For this reason, it’s important to always check your pH level. But how?

pH Strips — What You Need to Know!

pH indicator strips enable you to know how acidic or alkaline your body is within seconds or minutes. Because of that, they’re very popular for personal use. These strips are used to detect the level and action of Hydrogen in your body. They are pieces of paper that change color depending on the pH acidity or alkalinity of a liquid (in our case urine or saliva).

pH indicator strips are a relatively accurate way of measuring the pH. pH indicators are usually weak acids or weak bases that change color at specific pHs.2 These indicators help you easily identify your pH levels.

Are pH Strips Accurate?

Calibrating your pH is as important as keeping a balanced and healthy diet to help you maintain optimal health. If the accuracy is what you desire, pH indicator strips are the way to go. These strips can give you a quick check to see whether you are acidic or not.

Consequently, it’s also vital to use the most accurate and reliable strips! pHresh strips pH Test Strips offer the most convenient way to determine if your body is in either a balanced or acidic state. These strips are the first and only world’s narrow range pH testing strips making them the most accurate pH test strips exclusively measured for the human body.

In comparison to other brands, pHresh strips pH Test Strips have a narrow range of 4.5-9.0, giving you an extremely precise reading of how acidic or alkaline your body tissues are. What’s more amazing is these strips are even more precise with an increment of .25 pH unit compared to others that are 1 pH in unit increments per strip!

How to Use pH Strips?

The simplest way to check your pH is to purchase pHresh strips pH Test Strips and test yourself at home. These strips will change color once dipped into your urine/saliva, which you need to match against the color chart that comes with pHresh strips. Follow these guidelines to accurately test your pH:

  • Test 3 times per day until you start to see a fairly consistent reading, after this, test once per day.
  • When testing with urine, we recommend you use first and second-morning urine.
  • If you choose to test with urine, continue to test with urine if possible to avoid confusion.
  • When testing with saliva, spit into a spoon and then dip the stick into the saliva on the spoon.
  • For saliva tests, be sure to test two hours before or after eating or drinking to achieve accurate results.

Want to know more ways to balance your pH? Check out our website!