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How do I know if I am acidic or alkaline?

Apr 29th 2022

How do I know if I am acidic or alkaline?

When the pH level of our body gets out of balance, things will not be so good in our health – mind you! Primarily, alkaline is the body's natural and pure state. However, various aspects of today's society contribute to an over-acidic environment. These aspects range from the abundance of processed foods, overuse of antibiotics, the natural process of aging, and even stress. We need to assist our body in creating and maintaining a healthy pH ratio of 70 (alkaline):30 (acid).1Thus, how do you know if things are sliding down the wrong end of the pH scale? We have listed some easy ways for you to be able to assess if you are acidic or alkaline, so read on.

Common Symptoms of Acidity

Acidity or acidosis refers to the amount of acid buildup in our bodies. For our bodily fluids to do their job, we must maintain a healthy pH of 7.0 or above. Anything below that number is considered acidic. You may have an excess of acid in your body if you are experiencing gastritis or stomach pain, unexplainable tiredness or insomnia, and struggling to lose weight; if you have fragile bones or Osteoporosis, dental issues, sudden mucus growth, dermatological problems, and so many to mention.2

Obviously, these symptoms could be attributed to other health issues, too. As mentioned above, our bodies become more acidic for many reasons. The kinds of food we eat and beverage choices all strike the build-up of acid in our bodies. Alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and sugar all increase the body’s acidity levels. Even the air we breathe and environmental factors can also have an impact on acidosis forming. That’s why it’s better to always check your pH level.

What is the most effective way to check your pH level?

With the advancement of technology, our life has been simplified in every aspect — even in testing your pH levels! Nowadays, pH can be measured easily using a simple at-home test that checks the acidity of your urine/saliva. In fact, there are so many promising pH strip kits all over the market. It’s somehow confusing for consumers to choose the ones that show reliable results. But hey, pHresh Products got you covered! With our pHresh strips pH Test Strips, we ensure an accurate result only in split seconds! pHresh strips pH Test Strips are the easiest solution to determine if your body is in either a balanced or acidic state. These strips are the most convenient way to test your pH. The result shows a narrow range of 4.5-9.0. 0.25 pH unit increments. No bleeding, no mess. Unlike the traditional ones (urine-test only), you can use these strips to check your pH level by urine or saliva. It is super sensitive and accurate. Not only that, the results are in only 15 seconds. Isn’t it a convenient and effective way to test your pH?


It’s vital to regularly check your pH levels. Doing so might be difficult and inconvenient because of your hectic schedule. Worry no more! pHresh strips pH Test Strips have made it possible for you. Just grab one strip, and wait for 15 seconds, then you will know your pH level as fast as a rollercoaster ride!

Check pHresh Products to know more healthy tips on how to maintain your pH level!