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How can I naturally balance my pH?

May 9th 2022

How can I naturally balance my pH?

The order of acid-alkaline balance is one of the most vital components of dynamic equilibrium in the body. Recent studies show that when the body’s pH is too acidic, it’s difficult for enzymes to function properly. When the body is too acidic, the cells become stripped of the oxygen they need to efficiently provide nutrients and energy throughout the body. To buffer the acid in our blood and maintain a proper pH, the body also demands calcium from our bones and magnesium from our cells. That is why people who are acidic for ages suffer from osteoporosis, low energy, and shorter life spans.1

That being so, maintaining a diet that focuses on whole foods (such as omitting processed foods, sugars, artificial ingredients, and allergenic foods like gluten and dairy) is essential to optimize health. This type of diet helps you get to and keep a healthy weight and naturally balances your body’s pH levels.

What are the symptoms of pH Imbalance?

Certain medical conditions can mean that the body is unable to keep pH levels within the healthy range. There are four main aspects in which pH level is imbalanced. The first is because of metabolic acidosis. This occurs due to reduced bicarbonate or increased acid levels. Second, is metabolic alkalosis. This happens due to increased bicarbonate or reduced acid levels. Third, respiratory acidosis. This condition takes place when the body removes less carbon dioxide than usual. The fourth one is respiratory alkalosis. This one develops when the body removes more carbon dioxide than usual. If you are suffering from alkalosis, normally you’ll experience shaky hands, numbness and tingling in the feet, vomiting and nausea, confusion and the worst-case scenario is you’ll be in a coma. As acidosis, you might experience shortness of breath, upset stomach, muscle seizures, and coma if the condition is worse.

Take note that acidosis occurs when the blood is too acidic, with a pH below 7.35. As alkalosis, this one develops when the blood is not acidic enough, with a pH above 7.45.2 Hence, it is important to identify and treat the underlying issue that has caused the change to restore pH balance.

How can I naturally balance my pH level?

If your diet, environment, and lifestyle constantly keep your blood pH imbalanced, even a little bit, your body can’t keep its effectiveness neutralizing and eradicating those acid waste products from your system. This creates a chronic state of acidity in the tissues, increasing your risk of disease which is why it's critical to always check your pH level.

The good thing is, just as we test the pH in a pool, fish tank, or soil, now you can do it for your body easily and effectively. pHresh strips pH Test Strips are the easiest solution to determine if your body is in either a balanced or acidic state. These strips are the most convenient way to test your pH. The result shows a narrow range of 4.5-9.0. 0.25 pH unit increments. Tests can be done by urine or saliva.

It takes so much effort to be in good shape and keep our bodies that way. Therefore, knowing your pH level must be one of your priorities to stay healthy. Not only that, but you must also naturally maintain your pH balance. Yes, you can do it and have to in order to achieve optimum health!

To do so, balance out your diet to ensure you’re eating from both sides of the pH spectrum but with attention to eating more alkaline (anti-inflammatory) foods than acidic foods. It will be the best choice for your whole body. Great news, pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood exists! It is a superfood green powder that is packed with high-alkalizing ingredients! This 16 nutrient-dense, raw vegetables, cereal grasses, and algae were carefully selected for their highly alkalizing properties.

We also have pHresh Greens® Gummies that are made from high-alkalizing organic green superfoods. Each serving contains a blend of 16 raw organic greens. The best part is that they taste absolutely delicious. They taste like a sweet ripe watermelon on a beautiful summer day. That means you can enjoy a serving of vegetables anytime, with ease! This is perfect for picky eaters who hate the taste of veggies!


Eating a diet higher in alkaline foods than acidic foods will be better for your health at the end of the day, so enjoy those fruits and veggies. Enjoy the health benefits pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood and pHresh Greens® Gummies offer!

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