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5 Amazing Benefits of Organic Chlorella

Sep 13th 2021

5 Amazing Benefits of Organic Chlorella

Closely related to the famous Spirulina, Chlorella — also known as Chlorella Vulgaris — is green algae growing in freshwater, safe to eat, and packed with amazing marine nutrients and minerals.1 Are you searching for a healthy way of improving health and well-being? Then you may have found one of the best plants there is!

This powerful ingredient of pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood is becoming a popular food source in dietary supplementation all around the world. It has dozens of benefits for your health and is currently being researched for some more. From medicine and food to supplements and herbal products, the choices are so many. Let’s discover 5 incredible Chlorella benefits.

1. High Nutrition Level

The lengthy list of nutrients in chlorella includes plant-based protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, fiber, magnesium, antioxidants, and plenty more minerals and omega-3 fats. Adding chlorella to your day will help your body get the nutrition it needs and give you an extra boost even if you’re already eating healthfully.2

2. Body Detoxifier

The human body is naturally designed to rid toxins, but it can use a little help, especially as we age. With more and more heavy metals and other harmful compounds always around us, chlorella is beneficial for drawing them out. It can also remove harmful chemicals you find in foods, allowing your body to maximize its cleansing process for effective detox.3

3. Fights Chronic Diseases

Since chlorella has plenty of antioxidants in it from lycopene to chlorophyll, it can help fight off chronic disease. These antioxidants in particular can reduce the production of AGEs (advanced glycation end-products), the root cause of diabetes and many more troubling illnesses.4

4. Immunity Booster

The immune system is a complex creation of multiple cells and mechanisms designed to fight intruding pathogens. With chlorella, it can boost your immune response, creating more antibodies to fight off those invaders.5

5. Helps Maintain the Blood Pressure Level

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns for many people today is that of blood pressure. With high blood pressure, you put yourself at extreme risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular troubles.

Taking chlorella supplements reduces the stiffness that forms in arteries in those that have high blood pressure, effectively helping that number to decline to a healthy lower blood pressure reading. Researchers believe that because chlorella has arginine, calcium, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids, this helps the arteries stay healthy.6

You’ll never go wrong with pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood. It’s packed with superfoods and this green powder is budget-friendly!

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