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How to Do a Digital Detox (and Why You May Want to Try it Yourself!)

Jun 14th 2021

How to Do a Digital Detox (and Why You May Want to Try it Yourself!)

Thanks to social media, people have become more connected than ever – despite the distance and the pandemic experienced right now. But along with the benefits that the different platforms have provided comes the stress of staying sane in this hyperconnected world.

Studies revealed that the majority of adults consider themselves ‘hooked’ to the internet while a third found it difficult to disconnect from social media. Experts warned how important it is to be cautious with the use of digital media as overuse of it can seriously bring harmful effects.1

For these reasons, many are raving about stepping away from their gadgets and trying to reconnect with the world. Disconnect to connect as they say it. Digital detox is easier said than done. It does not happen overnight. Despite the difficulties, it is totally doable. How? Read on.

But First, what is Digital Detox?

Simply put, digital detox refers to the period of time when a person refrains from using their gadgets (like smartphones, laptops, tablets, social media platforms). Given how staying connected has become an essential part of our lives, this does not literally suggest letting go of online activities and devices.

Rather, digital detox gives emphasis on the importance of taking a break to focus on the other parts of our lives and temporarily disconnecting from the stress that usually roots from constant connectivity.

How to Do a Digital Detox?

Digital detox mainly focuses on setting clear boundaries with your gadgets and making sure that you’re only using your devices in a way that would benefit your physical and emotional health. How?

1. Set achievable goals.

Don’t complicate your goals. We all know for a fact how digital communications play a big role in staying connected for work, school, and other purposes. While totally disconnecting from your devices is ideal, this may also bring stress when prompted with obligations.

Enjoy the benefits of digital detox by picking a certain time when you can turn off your devices and spend time on things that are completely free from the distractions of social media, online messaging, entertainment videos, and the like.

2. Don’t sleep with your phone.

Most of us are guilty of this. We usually sleep with our gadgets. And when we sleep with them, naturally, we also end up waking up with these gadgets. So, the first thing we do early in the morning is to grab that phone, check notifications, and without you knowing it… it’s already midday.

If you’re serious with your digital detox, try to keep your phone out of your sight early in the morning. Don’t touch it the moment you wake up. Set an activity that you’ll do first before you pick your phone or gadget.

3. Give advanced notice.

When people know that you’re on a digital detox, they become more considerate of your schedule. By telling them the time that you’ll probably be away from your gadget, they will already have an idea when would be the best time to message or give you updates. As a result, you can keep your mind at peace that you’re not missing anything important; hence, focus on what you are scheduled to do.

In case of emergency, it would also be best that you give the people you’re working with an emergency number that they can contact just in case.

Why Should You Give Digital Detox a Try?

According to studies, high levels of social media use may result in problematic behaviors, low self-esteem, and depressive symptoms.2 But if you’ll consider going on a digital detox, there is a possibility that you’ll be able to reduce your stress3, get better sleep4, and work on your mental health.5

Partner this digital diet with a healthy food choice that would keep the pH balance in your body, then you’ll surely be able to enjoy the things that you often take for granted. Want to know your alkaline pH level? Use the most accurate and convenient acid-alkaline test strip: the pHresh strips™ - pH testing strips!

How to use pH strips? Just take one strip, test out your saliva (or urine), and hold it for 15 seconds. After removing the strip, match it to the pH chart to get your reading. If you want to go full swing with your detox, also consider pHresh greens® Raw Alkalizing Superfood and pHresh Superblends™. These are amazing green superfoods that are made from 16 raw ingredients that are known for their alkalinizing properties.

Stay healthy. Start your digital diet and detoxify your body now!


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