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pHresh greens® raw alkalizing superfood - Certified Organic & Kosher

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Supercharge Your Immune System, Increase Your Vitality and Get Healthy, Natural Energy Everyday
The Secret is your pH balance...
How strong is your Immune System?
Viruses are everywhere, stress occurs on a daily basis, and your best line of defense is a balanced pH. An imbalance in pH reduces the body’s ability to defend itself against foreign invaders. Without the body’s proper defenses, many uninvited guests can thrive in your body. Proper pH balance is a necessity to good health and vitality.
Are you fighting against Fatigue?
If you feel sluggish and tired throughout the day, even with the proper amount of sleep, this could be due to the unnecessary buildup of acid. Too much acid in the body decreases the supply of oxygen. This decreases the cell’s ability to repair, collect nutrients and remove toxins.
If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, this could be a sign that you’re too acidic.
  • Weight gain
  • Acid reflux (Gerd)
  • Gout
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue & weakness
  • Acne & other skin conditions
  • Bad breath
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating & constipation
  • Loss of physical tone
  • Loss of physical drive
  • Frequently feeling cold
  • Decalcification of the bones
  • Sudden loss of energy after eating acidic foods
  • Inability to recover quickly from physical or mental effort
  • Easily getting sick because of decreased immune defenses
To give yourself a fighting chance against all of this, be proactive and alkalize your body NOW!
So how do I Alkalize my body?
Raw organic greens have been scientifically proven to boost alkalinity
But the amount that’s required to consume what your body needs for optimal results is overwhelming This is why we need to eat our greens!
Currently there are over 286 million Americans who are not eating their greens everyday. Diets that are missing greens and other healthy vegetables are seriously lacking vital nutrients that are crucial for our wellbeing. Are you one of these people? Are you missing out on all the good stuff?
Now there’s a much easier way
pHresh greens is the easiest way to alkalize your body! Simply stir one teaspoon into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie, and you get the equivalent of 3-4 servings of raw vegetables Finally, the fastest and easiest way to get a full day’s supply of veggies in just a few seconds with no guesswork!
Your Future Health Will Thank you!
Look at the two microscopic images of the blood platelets above. On the left, prior to a serving of pHresh greens, the blood is coagulated. This can be caused by eating the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), which is high in processed foods, sugar, animal fats, unhealthy fats (saturated, hydrogenated) and low in fiber, complex carbohydrates and dark leafy green vegetables. It’s like a traffic jam during rush hour! How are nutrients and oxygen going to get around in your body with conditions like this?
The blood on the right, just 15 minutes after a serving of pHresh greens has zero blockage!* Look at how the cells are no longer coagulated and squeezed together. The traffic jam is all cleared up. This is an optimal condition for the blood to do its job properly!
*Results may vary from person to person depending on their prior physical condition
Fast, Convenient and Affordable
Getting fresh veggies in your meals everyday can be difficult to source and time consuming with all the prep involved, but now with pHresh greens, it’s as easy as ever. Don’t skimp on the necessary nutrition that’ll keep you energized and feeling great
Hey parents, your saving grace is here
Let’s be real, it’s a struggle trying to get our kids to eat their veggies. As parents, we want our kids to eat the most healthy and nutritious foods we can get them to. It’s essential for their growth and development. Well, struggle no more, because just 1tsp of pHresh greens is all they need. Mix it in with some juice, a fruit smoothie, yogurt or any other snack that your kids enjoy and your vegetable denial problems are solved!
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Dr. Oz
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Loved by doctors, fitness experts,
athletes, authors and celebrities

"If you are not eating your greens then you must get this. They are easy to drink, tastes pleasant, no weird after taste or indigestion like some green powders. Yay good job pHresh greens®!"

Actress & Author of The Kind Diet – Alicia Silverstone

pHresh Products pHresh Strips is my favortrive pH test which I use everyday, and I love it!

Actress and Health & Wellness Advocate - Chantell Fraser

I have now had three servings of the greens. This is an AMAZING product! I feel the shift immediately. My skin feels different, my energy level has spiked, and I feel a sense of clarity. Even better, I love the taste, so I just drink it with my water throughout the day. I normally don’t like green products for the reason of the grassy taste, but I don’t get that at all with this product. So you have an incredible win here, with great effects and phenomenally clean taste! Super!

PhD, Author & Nutritonal Biochemist, President of ANA's American College of Nutrition – Dr. Deanna Minich

pHresh greens® is hands down my favorite powdered greens out there! I get all my greens and power packed super foods regardless of where I am.

Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer & Author of the Get Lean Gluten Free Cookbook – Jeremy Scott

I use pHresh greens® in my protein shake every morning. I really like that it is a 100% Raw, alkalizing super food.

Celebrity Trainer, Speaker & Author of the Body Express Makeover – Michael George

As a Licensed Sports Nutritionist, weight loss expert, fitness personality, and mom, I fully endorse pHresh greens® for not only my clients but for my family!

Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer & Author of Stay Lean Recipes – Natalie Jill

pHresh greens® is the best greens and is the one supplement I never stop taking.

Nutritionist, MMA Trainer & Fighter – Eric Uresk

With all the demands of being a busy mom, fitness competitor, Radio & TV Fitness Coach, I make sure to stay energized with the help of pHresh greens®!

Celebrity Trainer, TV Fitness Personality & Author of Tight Tone Tummy – Adriana Martin

I am a firm believer in eating clean and green. Most people are not getting enough vegetables in their diet. My family and I use pHresh greens® to get our daily dose and it does wonders for my energy, brain function and good overall health. I also recommend this to my clients.

Author, Trainer, Health Coach, Dr. Oz's Personal Trainer - Donovan Green

I drink pHresh greens® daily for cellular nutrition! I get all my greens in one drink for the day! I feel energized and it is the perfect travel on the go companion!

Author of The Earth Diet & Health Advocate – Liana Werner-Gray

Alicia Silverstone

Chantell Fraser

Dr. Deanna Minich

Jeremy Scott

Michael George



Adriana Martin

Donovan Green

Liana Werner-Gray

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  • Stole my money won’t ship.

    Posted by Jamey Farmer on Mar 26th 2024

    Stole my money won’t ship.

  • Won’t ship

    Posted by Jamey Farmer on Mar 26th 2024

    Ordered placed and paid for 2 weeks ago. Still says pending no one will answer phone or email. Multiple attempts to reach someone.

  • Lost Shipment

    Posted by Diane on Mar 15th 2024

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this company!!! I ordered over a month ago, my $ was taken out of my account but I have never received the products that I ordered and they will not respond to my emails!! I tried to call their customer service # that they have on their website, nobody answers, and when told to leave a message so that someone can call me back, their mailbox says it is full, so there is no possible way to get a hold of them!!! The company came highly recommended by people that I trust so I don't understand how this could happen

  • Phresh greens powder

    Posted by nikolai on Jan 31st 2024

    I bought it because of Chris Wark recommendation. I mix it with some other greens lemon and apple cider vinegar for the :morning green light' drink the fist drink in the morning. It works well for me.

  • Awful

    Posted by Valerie on Oct 13th 2023

    I tried to drink this mixed into water. It tasted awful. I know green drinks don't generally taste great, but this one was just awful. I kept trying to swallow it, and it kept coming back up. It was a complete failure for me. I'm disappointed it didn't work out.

  • Greens Only

    Posted by Darliss Bardwell on Aug 20th 2023

    I had a difficult time finding a product that just included greens. This product has that. I'm fighting cancer and make at least one smoothie daily. Including the pHresh greens gives me the greens I need in my diet in an easy-to-use form.

  • Great way to get greens!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2023

    This powder is a wonderful way to get my greens and I hardly taste them when in my smoothies.

  • Purchased for a friend battling stage 4 cancer

    Posted by Tony on Apr 18th 2023

    My friend was given 2 months to live 1 year ago when she refused to do a 17th course on chemo which was killing her. She decided to research and do unconventional and natural methods. Since she can no longer work and afford to do many of the necessary things., I purchased a 2 months package for her after we saw Chris Wark recommend it. She received it last week and is raving how good this is. She is a fan and highly endorses the product and company.. Thank you and please pray for Margie’s recovery.

  • Excellent

    Posted by Amy on Feb 3rd 2023

    Excellent greens product!

  • Thank you!

    Posted by Justine on Jan 20th 2023

    OMG i can't live without this!

  • PHresh greens

    Posted by Schorr Jennifer on Nov 6th 2022

    I use PHresh greens every morning in my protein shake. The taste is great and I feel good getting veggies in the morning.

  • Phresh greens powder

    Posted by Amy on Oct 31st 2022

    Excellent quality product!

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